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About LastPass

Corporate Information

LastPass Corporate HQ

8315 Lee Hwy Suite 501 Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

LastPass Europe Office

112 Rue de Paris, 92100, Boulogne, France

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LastPass Team

We’re Serious About Passwords

The lead software developers spend most of their waking hours on the web and bring more than thirty years of combined development, network security and user interface experience to LastPass. The senior team first worked together developing integrated VoIP (voice over the Internet) and e-commerce technology at eStara, Inc. where they designed, built, launched the most widely deployed web-based 'Push to Talk', 'Call Tracking' and 'Click-to-Chat' services in the world. Their clients included leading e-commerce and financial services brands like Amazon, HSBC, Dell, TD Canada Trust, American Express and Yahoo. Millions of end users in over 113 countries rely on their applications every day. eStara was acquired by ATG, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARTG) in 2006 for $50 million.